The IQAC was established in the year 2010 with a view to develop a system for continuous, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of the college. The IQAC is headed by the Principal of the college as the Chairman with teachers and few distinguished educationists and representatives. The composition of the IQAC are as follows:

  1. Chairperson
  2. Teachers (3-8)
  3. One member from management
  4. Few senior administrative officers
  5. One nominee each from local society, students and alumni
  6. One nominee from employer
  7. One of the senior teachers as the Coordinator/ Director of IQAC

The committee members are changed from time to time due to staff turnover by transfer and pension.

Objectives of IQAC of the College

  1. To ensure quality of Nursing Education
  2. To maintain standard of Nursing Practice
  3. To achieve highest percentage of Academic performance
  4. To enhance accountability and team spirit
  5. To act as a Change Agent in the institution

Functions of IQAC of the College

  1. To ensure good result in the final University Examinations
  2. To ensure 100% clinical attendance and at least 80% theory class attendance
  3. To conduct terminal examinations in the college
  4. To develop students’ evaluation tools
  5. To develop standard pro forma for internal marks for both theory and practical
  6. Monthly meeting of faculty on students’ evaluation
  7. Maintaining records of students’ evaluation
  8. Organize workshops/ seminars for faculty at the end of every academic year
  9. Observation of International Nurses Day and National Education Day for faculty and students and discussion of theme
  10. Dissemination of information within and outside the institution
  11. Follow up of suggestions from inspection team from INC, MNC and MZU
  12. Conduct and organize in-service training for nurses in Mizoram


The IQAC is an umbrella to the following sub-committees:

  1. Curriculum and Examination Committee
  2. Anti-Ragging Committee
  3. Grievance Redressal Committee
  4. Beautification Committee
  5. Maintenance Committee
  6. Library Advisory Committee
  7. Code of conduct Committee
  8. Research Committee
  9. Alumni and Placement Cell

These sub-committees held meeting as per their agendas and report to the IQAC. The IQAC coordinates and monitors their activities and also conducts meeting as per need arises.


  • Regular committee with the core committee member of the IQAC could not be held as the committee members consists of officials from outside the institute. However, the various sub-committees are held at regular interval to ensure the best outcome.
  • Standard pro forma for clinical assignments for all classes. Evaluation pro forma for both theory and clinical practice are developed and revised from time to time by the IQAC.
  • It also arranges workshop within the institution for faculty every year during the winter holidays of the students since 2014.
  • The IQAC also takes the responsibility of conducting social work to ensure cleanliness of the campus.