As per the UGC directives , Grievance redressal cell was constituted at Mizoram College of Nursing  on 17 August 2015. The committee was formed and the members have held regular meetings since its inception.

Grievance Redressal Cell is intended to find solutions to problems like ragging, any kind of physical or mental harassment, including sexual harassment  complaints, or any other problem faced by the students and staff of Mizoram College of Nursing.

The committee is also handling necessary psychological counselling as needed, and hence serves as a counselling cell.

The aim of Grievance Redressal Committee are :

  • To work toward reconciliation of intramural disputes.
  • To guarantee due processes for settlement of otherwise irreconcilable grievances.
  • To help ensure institutional integrity and to guard academic freedom and welfare of students and faculty.

Grievance Redressal Procedure at MCON:

A faculty/student with a complaint shall first discuss grievance with an immediate supervisor/HOD respectively. A complainant who is not satisfied with outcome of this procedure may initiate formal grievance redressal procedure by registering a written complaint with the Principal, Mizoram College of Nursing. In case anonymity is desired or if a complainant wishes it, she or he may drop a complaint at the grievance box placed within the campus and hostel, and the Grievance Redressal Committee will look into the matter as required.  Grievance form is available at the college  office section during working hours as well as the Grievance Box located in the campus.  

Members of the Grievance Redressal  Committee are:-

  1. Mrs. Lalduhsaki, Sr. Lecturer  Dept of Mental Health Nursing.
  2. Ms. R.Lalruatlkimi, Lecturer   Dept of Mental Health Nursing.
  3. Ms. Lalhriatpuii Varte, Lecturer  Dept of Medical Surgical Nursing.
  4. Ms. Laldingliani Sailo, Lecturer  Dept of Gynae and Obstetrical Nursing.
  5. Ms. Helen L Sailo, Lecturer Dept of Mental Health Nursing.
  6. Ms. C Laldinthari, Tutor.
  7. Ms. Shalome Malsawmkimi, Hostel Warden.

To download the Grievance form, click on the attachment below.