Mizoram College of Nursing

A.      Timing:

  1. Morning: 7:30 Am – 9:30AM
  2. Evening : 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  3. Class hours as per routine
B.     Rules

  1. Faculty member should be assigned as in-charge for each laboratory / department. Students may be assigned by the faculties’ in-charge of the laboratory to assist them in maintaining the laboratory.
  2. Articles should be handled with care.
  3. Once used, articles should be washed, dried and replaced into their proper place.
  4. Biomedical waste management practices should be observed strictly.
  5. Beds should be made neat and tidy after each practice.
  6. Inventory register should be updated by the assigned student at regular intervals after careful checking of each article. This should be cross – checked and duly signed by the Faculty in-charge.
  7. If an article is broken or damaged by any student or faculty, it should be duly replaced by the concerned person.
  8. Before leaving the laboratories, windows and doors should be closed properly. Beds, trolleys, bedside locker, etc. should be arranged neatly as well.
  9. Hand washing/washing area should be kept clean and hand towel be washed and hanged to dry after each practice session.
  10. Floors must be kept clean and dry.
  11. After each practice, the inventory keys should be returned to faculty in-charge.