The Institution has provided the following in terms of safety and security:-

a.   Safety & Security

Mizoram College of Nursing provides a safe and secure environment to the students, faculty and non teaching staff with the cooperation of the police station near to Falkawn, fire department, local communities, medical and ambulance services of the nearby State Referral Hopsital Falkawn. The institution has fire extinguishers at appropriate places to address the fire incidences. First-Aid boxes are maintained and utilized by each course (1st Year to 4th Year B.Sc.Nursing) and kept ready to be used whenever needed. Institute has a Sick room which is utilized for medical emergencies by staff & students.

b.   Counseling Committee

    The Counseling Comittee advise, correct, encourage and strengthen the students in matters related to personal, educational and vocational aspects. They attend the grievances of the aggrieved students, provide preventive measures for gender discrimination, sexual harassment and other issues. One of the main objective of the Counseling committee is to empower the safety measures for each student, to promote gender sensitivity in the institution and produce a safe and peaceful atmosphere in the institution.

  • Our institution provides counseling to the students regularly to make them aware of:  
  • Use of Aprons and masks in labs and clinical duties for the safety of themselves and patients.
  • Following Formal and decent dress code for boys & girls to avoid conflicts
  • Good Academic performance
  • Attaining 100% Attendance in Theory classes & Clinical duties
  • Etiquettes and manners
  • Wearing full uniform with pocket articles without fail

c.   Common rooms

The institute provides separate common rooms for girls & boys. Regular features in each common room include benches, table and other furnitures for socializing such as carrom board, television, table tennis equipments, etc. There is a reserved space in one of the common rooms for meeting and organizing small functions.

d.   Day care centre for young children

This is not yet established as most children of faculties and non-teaching staff are either supervised at other Day care centres or are cared for and looked after safely at home by their relatives.