Solid waste management

Solid waste is collected and segregated in two separate bins as dry & wet waste. We have two separate bins for collecting wastes. The Green-coloured dustbins are meant for wet and biodegradable wastes. Red-coloured dustbins are meant for dry waste, disposal of plastic wrappers and non biodegradable wastes and glass bottles. Cleaning or emptying of the dustbins is being done on a regular basis at around 8:00 to 9:00 am and 3:00 pm to 4:00 every day. These collected wastes are segregated and stored in a waste storage hut which is built  to store the wastes and keep them free from flies, insects and rodents till the waste collecting truck collects them and tranfer them to Aizawl Municipal Council (AMC) waste dumping place at Tuirial. There is a Memorandum of Understanding signed with South Side Waste Collector (SSWC) since 2017, and wastes are collected twice every month at a fee of Rs 2000 pm.


Liquid waste management

Liquid wastes from laboratory & kitchen and other sources flow directly to the drainage system.



Biomedical waste management

Though there is limited or no kind of solid or liquid wastes containing infectious (or potentially infectious) materials which require Biomedical waste management. However, the institution has constructed and designated a concrete waste sharp pit where needles, broken glasses and other sharps are mixed with cement in a pit to prevent potential harm due to sharp injuries.


E-waste management

Electronic wastes are collected from different locations; reparable ones are inspected and sent for repair, irreparable wastes are stored or seggregated properly in a separate designated room. These wastes, when they are amounting to adequate amounts will be planned for disposal through transfer to the AMC e-waste disposal and treatment.


Waste recycling system

Waste recycling system is not yet available. We are looking forward to acquire it in the near future. However, waste paper from the institution and students' waste papers from the hostels are collected, stored and sold for recycling.


Hazardous chemicals and radioactive waste management

This waste management method is not yet practiced as there is no such need within the institution.